Welcome to Membrera.com

With Membrera.com, managing your club or other member centered organizations becomes easier than you might imagine


Generic database software - like Microsoft Excel and Access - is a big improvement over paper records but it wasn't designed for associations, clubs and other groups. You need to invest time of staff and volunteers to keep it up-to-date, clean of duplicates and synchronized with other systems - website, email newsletter service, event registration and so on.

Membrera.com has been specifically built to store and manage member records and streamline administrative tasks for clubs, associations and communities. You can contact your subscribers without even remembering their addresses. With SMS messaging gaining popularity over channels like Email (it is not always easy to read your Email especially when you are on the move or too busy to open a computer. SPAM is also a big handicap to Email), Membrera integrates SMS capability direct from the start

Features of Membrera:

  • Web-based application accessible from virtually anywhere. No need to install anything.
  • Ability to have multiple staff users with different permissions
  • Categorization of Members
  • Grouping members by their geographical regions
  • One click communication with a selected group of members: Whether by category, by region, ...
  • Every member has a unique identifying number, thus eliminating the possibility of having duplicates
  • Geographical regions with up to 4 levels (The top level may be a country, continent or even a city)
  • Multi-lingual application (internationalized using Sprakor)
  • The core application for your staff is built using SilverLight: this makes it look like a regular windows application hence give them a feel at home if they are used to Windows applications

Important: Please note that Membrera is still under testing and comes with no guarantee that it will work in your specific case/situation.
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